Leocart is a leading customized merchandise company in India. With a strong and constantly growing customer base in the corporate and private industry. Leocart has been trusted with merchandise customization for some key events in several top corporate and educational institutions. We outsource all our products for rural artisans and work to empower women around the nation. All the products are promoters of Make in India and also eco-friendly, and we are testified to have the top quality.

Leocart Dream

 Our motto being “We rise by lifting others” is of utmost priority while we work at Leocart. We believe a positive work can only be delivered in a positive aura. Not only we care about people we work with but the degrading environmental conditions as well. Read More

Create and Innovate

Reflect your personality in whatever you carry along. LeoCart works on this premise and makes sure that you have the best experience. We provide you with an option to make your imagination a reality. The ‘Design your Product’ option is especially designed Read More

Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts

There is no onset or exit of festive season. Any happy day is a celebration in itself, so don’t miss a chance to spread joy and love to your loved one. Leocart provides an option for bulk or ‘Corporate Orders’ so that none of your loved ones is left out while you send love.. Read More