“What men and women need is encouragement. Their natural resisting powers should be strengthened, not weakened …”- Elanor H. Porter

This quote by Elanor H. Porter aptly describes the vision of Leocart. Our motto being “We rise by lifting others” is of utmost priority while we work at Leocart. We believe a positive work can only be delivered in a positive aura. Not only we care about people we work with but the degrading environmental conditions as well. According to environmental groups like WWF and the Global footprint network, humans have already used up the allowance for the water, soil, clean resources by 2nd August 2017. Although we could not stop this from happening to our beloved planet but we can definitely prevent the more terrible conditions that can possibly happen in future by simple day today changes in our habits. The best and most recommended one is using eco friendly products. The eco friendly or environmental friendly products do not harm eco system. Being eco-friendly is a way to healthier and better living. The eco-friendly products are mostly made of sustainable material. Sometimes bogus companies sell the products with label ‘eco-friendly’ while they are not. This practice is also known as ‘Greenwashing’. We at the Leocart make sure that the consumers receive what they pay for. The stylish and trendy products at Leocart are absolutely true to the motto. They’re eco friendly and play a key role in saving the environment.

The next initiative associated with Leocart is ‘Make In India’. The Indian subcontinent has abundance of resources in all forms. Also, there is no shortage of the brilliant minds which come up with revolutionary ideas, which can change the world. ‘The Make in India’ initiative supported by the Indian Government encourages the Indian and multinational manufacturers to make products in India. The campaign led by the Prime Minister Modi has opened doors for Foreign Direct Investment. A humongous investment began in various sectors after this venture. The ‘Make in India’ campaign is way for the Indian economy to head towards a more prosperous world. The slogan for the ‘Make in India’ program is ‘ Zero Defect and zero effect’ which aims at the mechanism through the products are produced should be have zero adverse effects.  The Leocart amalgamates these two ventures together and presents the best products to the consumers which are eco friendly and at the same time are made in India. Leocart products are quality checked and are not Green washed. The genuine quality of the product has been our USP and will remain forever. The satisfied consumers and environmental activists also support Leocart because the purpose of Leocart in not merely commercial but social as well. Therefore, it can be said that Leocart, indeed works strictly on its vision to uplift the consumers, environment and the utterly talented people who work for Leocart to make every step successful.